Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Driving in the rain

Often many a times, travel happens all of a sudden and this was no exception. But the difference here was the family that I had to take along with me. I still remember the days when Mohan, Prasanna and myself used to go on trips with 10 mins of notice time. Mohan and myself were bachelors and that made the situation less complicated. Inspite of being a family man, Prasanna used to heed to our calls and join us on adventures. Now we are realizing how difficult it was for Prasanna to manage the travel

Sometime in Oct 2014, Prasanna, Vanitha and Hari went to Coorg to attend a function. It was beautiful Saturday morning and I called him to enquire about his journey. While speaking to him, I instantly decided to travel to Coorg and return back with him to Bangalore. He was supposed to return on Sunday evening. But then, I could not just leave my family alone and go on a trip. Me and my wife also had to go for a discussion at a school for admission to my daughter Shriya. But we decided to head towards Coorg after the discussion at school. I had about 1 hr time for preparation and thus the journey started

If I had been for myself, spending overnight in a bus stand is no big deal. But then, we started to look out for good homestays . Getting availability at a short notice was a problem as well. We called up close to 15 homestays. Finally we were able to get confirmed accommodation at The Nest Homestay, run by Mr. and Mrs. Sagar. The place was near Gonikoppa and we had to take Virajpet road. We began the trip by taking the NICE road

We took the deviation at Hunsur and proceeded towards Virajpet. For the homestay, the first check point in a place called Thitimati. Just a few mins away is a place Devarapura. In here we have to head left to reach the homestay

The road here is a narrow one and on either side of the road we could see lush green paddy fields

Once we cross the paddy fields, the road becomes very steep. So had to be extra careful while ascending this stretch. This stretch directly leads to the homestay

This is a very beautiful home stay situated amidst lush green nature. It has 3 rooms and to our pleasant surprise, we were the only guests that day. The hospitality was supreme and I really have to compliment the Sagar family for making us feel at home

Shriya enjoyed the stay very much and did not want to head back to Bangalore at all

After staying overnight at the homestay, after breakfast we headed towards Madikere to pick Prasanna and family. We thought of taking the Virajpet route, bur Mr. Sagar advised us a better and scenic route. Also we wanted to visit Dubare. Thus we headed towards Polibetta. This was a very narrow road for quite a while until we hit a stretch good patch. There was hardly any traffic and is advisable only to travel during day time

Once we started nearing Polibetta, the road quality improved and the scenic beauty improved too

We could see numerous coffee estates and most notably the Tata coffee

There are plantation trails, but make sure to have prior appointment/booking

Golf course in Pollibetta

Once we crossed this stretch and headed towards Dubare, the road quality deteriorated. Also it started to rain. I always wanted to experience rain in Coorg and here I was presented with an opportunity

On the way the rain subsided and we arrived at Dubare. This is an elephant camp run by the forest department and on the banks of Cauvery river. The department runs ferries to a small island that houses elephants

We did spend quite a bit of time there and finally had to head back to Bangalore. We picked up Prasanna and family enroute at Hunsur and reached Bangalore around mid night

Overall it was a whirlwind trip [we covered 508 KM], but a thoroughly adventurous one