Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Broadway/Disney: Here comes your match

Visionaries might not be just head of state or a scientist. It can be a common man striving to make a difference in the way we lead our lives. I happened to witness one such visionary. I was returning from my uncle’s place and happened to see a pendal erected in National high school grouds. Curious to see what was happening there, I went to the grounds and discovered that an event “World Ramanaya Conference” was under way. The ongoing program ended and soon after there was an announcement for the next program. It was supposed to be a dance program by Abhinava Dance Group and led by Nirupama & Rajendra. I had heard a lot about them and stayed back to witness the dance event

I have seen numerous dance events, and being an art lover did not want to miss the performance. During my US visits, I had heard a lot about Broadway performances and performances at Disneyland. Of course they do have immense budgets and numerous sponsors, hence they can afford to spend. But the same is not the case with dance troops in India. Or is it so…? This is where the visionary leadership of Nirupama & Rajendra came into picture. Being famous artists themselves, they could have had conducted the performance like any other day. But they thought differently. They wanted to create the magic of Broadway and Disney by coupling them with our traditions. Thus emerged “Rama Katha Vismaya”, a mesmerizing ballet on Ramayana. About 60 artists and an equal number of backstage supporters created magic on the stage for about 2.5 hrs. Normally we get to hear whistles and cheers during Rajkumar or Rajnikanth movies, but to get that kind of an applause for on stage performance….. awesome. It was a world class performance

I would recommend every art lover to witness the performance at least once. This will be a wonderful encouragement for the troop, enabling them to come out with more such themes. For people who do not like performing arts, please do see the performance once and I’m sure you are going to change


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