Sunday, February 08, 2015

All is Well

Experience cannot be explained but will have to be experienced. This is an adage that has stayed relevant for time immemorial. Being a big fan of Barthruhari’s subhashitha, these quadruplets describe great experiences by learned men, and a very famous one goes like this:

Swagruhe poojyate murkhaha, Swagrame poojyate prabhuhu,
Swadeshe poojyate raja, Vidwan sarvatra poojyate

Which means:

A fool’s worship is confined to his house, a chieftain’s worship is confined to a village,
a king’s worship is confined to a kingdom, but a learned man or Vidwan is worshipped everywhere

There is another famous saying, Koopa Manduka and which means a Frog in a well. This is meant to be more of a sarcasm and describes the outlook of a person who confines himself to limited knowledge/exposure

Well, when defined as an Adverb, means “In a good or satisfactory way”, as a Noun it means “A shaft sunk into the ground to obtain water” or “an enclosed space in the middle of a building, giving room for stairs or a lift, or to allow light or ventilation”. Ventilation describes how open or closed the person is to outside views

When “Well” is read as confinement, this also means the sphere of influence. When we dissect this further, it makes me believe that we are all confined to our own Wells but with varied boundaries. There is a limit/boundary to which every individual can exert the influence onto, but beyond that it fades away. Take for example a Noble laureate who might have done exemplary work in Physics. The person would be well known throughout the world for this knowledge on the subject and great work accomplishment. Now start to draw a Well to determine the sphere of influence and I’m sure the boundaries would be visible

It is after all not such a bad thing to live in a small well and be a master of things than to worry about a lot of things. Like how a bee would naturally get attracted towards flowers, let the fragrance of work outcome determine the boundaries you want to live in and the type of people you want to attract towards you


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