Monday, January 26, 2015

Prime minister of India meets President of World

It was very interesting to see the 2 dignitaries addressing the media after Chai per charcha. Joint statement touched upon various aspects and including Civil nuclear deal, joint counter terror ops and etc. When it came to Q/A, it became very evident on what it takes to be the President of USA. When the president answered the question, it was clear on how the policies of US shape the economies of the world and also have a direct bearing on the governance. He spoke on conflicts in Yemen, impact on middle east, current state of affairs in Afghan, why should Russia be isolated [there was Russia bashing as well] and other things

World media travels with US president with 24/7 coverage and the focus would not be entirely on the bi-lateral relations when US president visits another country. There is a classic Subhashita written by Barthruhari, which goes on to say: “A learned person [vidwan] is respected everywhere”. I could see the example live


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